August 3, 2015

Dear Recipient,
            If you are receiving this correspondence, you have been listed as a person, Department, or Agency who associated, participated and/or contributed in the extortion, blackmail, attempts to defraud, thefts of property, and other criminal actions perpetrated by a Mr. Michael H. Anagnos, his attorney, Mr. Benjamin Yormak, and a small group of associated parties who assisted them, colluded with them, conspired with them, and aided and abetted their criminal actions. Equally as important is that those of you who looked the other way or took no action, when you were well aware of said criminal acts, are as equally guilty as those who inflicted the injustices and criminal activities.
            The actions of Mr. Michael Anagnos, Mr. Benjamin Yormak, associated parties, and various personnel of The City of Cape Coral Florida, including, but not limited to the Police Department, Code Enforcement, Building Department, and Water Department, were conducted intentionally and deliberately, with malice and forethought, for personal self gratification, or attempts to cover up the illicit actions of other agencies.
            Your name, department, or agency will be dutifully published and will go down in the history books of the City of Cape Coral Florida who contributed to the un-Christian, inhumane, and immoral acts perpetrated against the less advantaged.  It has been determined that your actions, individually, and collectively have contributed to the overall destruction and condemnation of God's House, and the religious practices therein.  This current event is also attributed to the loss of over 52 low income students in the prior discontinuance of scholarship grants.
            Equally as important, your name, department, or agency will be identified as a deliberate contributor to the substantial violations of both civil and religious rights suffered by The Nelsen Residence Inc., and the direct cause of the inhumane activities that caused pain and suffering to the least advantaged of God's children, even though you may not be held accountable in man's law or court.
            I want each of you to be fully aware of your actions as you look yourself in the mirror each day, and when you lay down to sleep each night.  I also want you to feel the guilt of your actions every time you attend your Church, Synagogue, Temple, or Mosque, and pray to your God for blessings or favors.

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