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Mayor Ms. Marni Sawicki; City Manager, Mr. John Szerlag;

City Attorney, Ms. Delores D. Menendez; Code Enforcement Manager, Mr. Richard Carr, Building Department Director, Mr. Paul B. Dickson; Water Department Manager, Mr. William Boyd; Chief Of Police, Mr. Bart Connelly; and, all attached listed participating parties.

November 1, 2015

Dear Recipients,

            Please accept this correspondence as a formal notice of our intent of publishing the following information and names of all parties who have contributed to the condemnation of our Chapel; the aftermath of said actions; and that we will be holding each of the parties herein noted equally responsible and liable in God's eyes.

            The Haven of Divine Love is currently in complete turmoil and disruption. Our religious practices and programs have been seriously and substantially disrupted, interrupted and diminished as a direct result of your erroneous, illicit, and discriminatory acts inflicted against us. Therefore, please be fully advised that we intend on holding each of you above, as well as any and all parties who have participated (see attached list), individually and collectively, liable and responsible before God and the public at large. Additionally, please be fully advised that we will be disclosing and publishing the activities and information herein along with the names of each and every participants noted on both regular media and social media sources.

            Since the City of Cape Coral condemned and closed down our Chapel and deprived and deterred our religious practices, 11 attempts of suicide have been made, 3 parties succumbed to excessive drinking, 2 persons experienced psychological and emotional distressful situations, 1 party reverted to physical violence, 5 persons including 2members of our clergy lost their homes, 21 low income senior and disabled persons lost their subsidized housing allowances, 52 low income students lost their respective scholarship grants, and countless others suffered physical, emotional, mental and financial harm. I have personally suffered 3 strokes as a direct result of your actions. These occurrences were all caused by the City of Cape Coral's deliberate actions, the condemnation of our religious Chapel, and the denial of our providing the necessary religious and humanitarian counseling that gave hope to those in need. The domino and ripple effects of your actions are rampant, and we hold each and every one of you personally accountable to God for the damages suffered to all of God's children by your hands. We humbly call on our creator to address the pain and suffering of countless human beings caused by your un-Christian actions, and we expect that they will be Page 2

fully addressed at each of your Judgment Day proceedings. In addition, and as God is my witness, each of the parties noted herein will go down in the history books of the City of Cape Coral as the most draconian, discriminatory, un-Christian, immoral, and unethical persons of our times. Separate from any legal litigation for corrections and reimbursements, The Nelsen Residence Inc., Doing Business as The Haven of Divine Love will be holding each and everyone of the herein named parties, individually and collectively, before God and man for the pain and suffering inflicted against them. We have given you ample time to correct your improper actions and it appears that you only wish to continue your abuse of authority in your blatant attempt to cover up your wrong and cause additional irreparable harm.

DON'T BELIEVE US? All you have to do is examine the police reports of the countless emergency and assistance calls logged by the City of Cape Coral's Police Department to our location, and compare them to the previous 2 years to demonstrate the increased activities that have occurred since you initiated your vindictive actions to discriminate against our religious entity. The individual and collective actions, along with the countless unanswered and ignored correspondences, fully demonstrates the overall discriminatory practices and the failure and refusal to protect our vulnerable residents, officers, directors, and members of our religious community. Not only have you cost substantial damages to countless citizens of your community, but have cost tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money for services which should never have happened.

            The documentation and evidence as provided in the attached summary demonstrates the illegal and evil actions you deployed against our religious community and against God himself. You may have condemned God's House, but God has condemned the City of Cape Coral, and everybody who conspired with, assisted, aided and abetted, contributed, and participated in said condemnation of his house, and will eventually be judged by The Almighty on Judgment Day. You may have deterred us from our religious practice, but God will deter you from seeking after life rewards. You may have caused pain and suffering to his children, but God will cause you pain and suffering for all eternity.

            Therefore, please be fully aware that regardless of what happens in any legal proceedings, we intend on holding you morally liable in God's Court as well.


Jerome F. Valenta

President of The Haven of Divine Love

The Nelsen Residence Inc.

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