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           Since the City of Cape Coral condemned and closed down our Chapel and deprived and deterred our religious practices, 12 attempts of suicide have been made, 4 parties succumbed to depressed excessive drinking, 3 persons experienced psychological and emotional distressful situations, 1 party reverted to physical violence, 5 persons including 2 members of our clergy lost their homes, 21 low income senior and disabled persons lost their subsidized housing allowances, 52 low income students lost their respective scholarship grants, and countless others suffered physical, emotional, mental and financial harm. Our President had suffered 3 strokes as a direct result of their actions. These occurrences were all caused by the City of Cape Coral's deliberate actions with the condemnation of our religious Chapel, and the denial of our providing the necessary religious and humanitarian counseling that gave hope to those in need. After filing formal complaints and objections of their discriminatory actions, the City of Cape Coral embarked on a blatant attempt to cover up their wrong and caused additional irreparable harm to the less fortunate of our society. The domino and ripple effects of the City of Cape Coral's actions were capricious, and we will hold each and every party responsible and accountable to God for the damages suffered to all of God's children. We humbly call on our creator to address the pain and suffering of countless human beings caused by their un-Christian actions, and we expect that they will be fully addressed at each of their Judgment Day proceedings.   

Whenever an innocent person attempts to commit suicide, succumbs to alcoholism, is emotionally depressed, despondent, becomes destitute, loses his home, loses his hope, etc. because of the actions of others, it is a serious moral issue and whatever is necessary must be done to disclose those who caused it to the world and attempt to disgrace them within their peers, and hold them accountable before God.

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