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Waterman Broadcasting Corp.

3719 Central Avenue

Fort Myers, FL 33901                                                                                      August 15, 2015

ATT: Darrel Lieze-Adams

Executive News Director, WBBH-TV 2

Ty Russell, Reporter

Dear Executives of Waterman Broadcasting Corp., Darrel Lieze-Adams, and Ty Russell,

               The Board of Directors of The Nelsen Residence Inc., DBA The Haven of Divine Love are extremely disturbed over your recent broadcast of August 12, 2015, together with your prior broadcasts of the issue of our dispute with the City of Cape Coral. We do not understand how you could continue to misstate facts and state incorrect information that was noticed to you in prior communications. It is a strong indication that you are intentionally doing so in a bias and prejudiced effort to discredit our religious entity.

                Your August 12, 2015 story entitled "City of Cape Coral Suing chapel," is an old story from June 12, 2015. You neglected to include that The Nelsen Residence Inc., countersued The City of Cape Coral on July 16, 2015, disputing the claims made by the City.

                In such a short broadcast, you misstated or stated 6 erroneous or slanted innuendoes, specifically:

"The property also has apartments for low income seniors," indicates that the properties involved are one. They are not. There are 2 separate properties. 2307 SE 15th Place is a personal private residence, and 2315 is a Senior and Disability Center. You previously reported that the residence was an apartment house, which it is not.

Your statement "Valenta is the self-appointed president of Nelsen Residence, Inc. and Haven of Divine Love." The Nelsen Residence Inc. is a not for profit corporation with a full Board of Directors who nominate and elect their respective Officers. To insinuate that Valenta is self appointed is disparaging. (the label Disparaging indicates that a term or definition is used with a deliberate intent to disparage, as to belittle a particular ethnic, religious, or social group. It is often paired with the label Offensive, which describes a term that gives offense whether or not any offense was intended)

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Your statement, "Almost 21 residents pay $550.00 for rent. It's well below market value for an efficiency. But it's going up to $750.00. Many say that's not affordable," is completely misleading. We respectfully submitted our news release to you on August 3, 2015 that was very specific that the rents for all residents were $750.00, and that our religious entity subsidizes $205.00 per month to qualified low income residents, where they pay only the $545.00 difference. The subsidies is what is being discontinued, making the requirement that the residents will have to pay the total rents due without our assistance. A big difference. You also completely ignored our Press release of July 13, 2015 stating that THE ELEANOR M. NELSEN EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND HAS DISCONTINUED THE GRANTING OF SCHOLARSHIP GRANTS TO THE NEEDY, LOW INCOME, AND DISADVANTAGED STUDENTS OF FLORIDA, where 52 low income students lost their scholarships and were the latest victims of the ongoing dispute between the Haven of Divine Love and the City of Cape Coral, which in itself is a serious news item. Likewise, in July 31, 2014, you completely ignored our Press Release and Press Conference, " LOCAL RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY FILES DISCRIMINATION COMPLAINTS AGAINST THE CITY OF CAPE CORAL POLICE AND OTHER CAPE CORAL DEPARTMENTS" which was the catalyst of the ongoing dispute and which indicates strong bias for The City of Cape Coral and against The Haven of Divine Love. You publish stories about the Chief of Police of Fort Myers being fired for lying, yet you deliberately cover up the Cape Coral Police Chief's discriminatory actions against us. 

"The City slapped Valenta with a lawsuit back in June for several violations on the property," again misleading the public that the City sued Valenta, and not The Nelsen Residence Inc. as was the case. You further state "We got our hands on the lawsuit," and both again, you failed to mention or report that The Nelsen Residence Inc. countersued The City of Cape Coral on July 16, 2015, disputing said false claims by the City. Your follow up statement, "The city says there are issues with not only the stairs but infestation, junk, and even broken windows," is equally defamatory and disparaging, and indicative of bias reporting, in a blatant attempt to mislead the public as to the facts. There was a minor issue of ants, which was readily sprayed and corrected; the junk was the personal property of the disgruntled resident, Michael Anagnos, who was the party initiating the false complaint with the Code Enforcement in his attempt to defraud, and was also readily eradicated; and there was a 3 inch tear in a screen on the second floor patio, but there was no, or is now, any broken windows throughout either property. To state such erroneous statements is detrimental to everyone involved in our charitable enterprises.  

"The group's president won't repair or pay up. But people like Bowman may be forced to cough up extra cash he may not have in his wallet" is the epitome of misleading statements, and is equally defamatory, derogatory, and disparaging, strongly suggesting that The Haven of Divine Love is some kind of greedy landlord attempting to fleece it's residents. Are we required to be subjected to extortion, blackmail, fraud, or thefts without objection? Why have you not, or when did you ever report that the Haven of Divine Love religious community paid over $25,000.00 per year to subsidize low income persons rental obligations? Or gave tens of thousands of dollars over the years to low income students for their education? Never! We simply informed you that, as a direct result of actions by various parties, including the local media, that our subsidy program will be discontinued. It was the very reason your reported claimed to visit our property. Yet, no mention of our notice to you was properly mentioned.

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            Why is it that you never question WHY is a non-profit religious entity refusing to repair the stairs? What are the qualifications of the City of Cape Coral Code Enforcement inspector who was claiming the stairs to be unsafe? Why is the City of Cape Coral discriminating against said entity different than anyone else? Why did the City of Cape Coral deny the entity access to their Court, and deny them Due Process of Law? Why did the City of Cape Coral condemn the Chapel, first floor bedroom, and garage on the first floor of the residence when the issue was claiming the stairs to the second floor was unsafe? Why did the City of Cape Coral condemn the residence when they had adequate ingress and egress to the second floor in the normal inside stairway? Why did the City of Cape Coral claim that the storage under the stairway was a "fire hazard" when almost every 2 story, single family dwelling in the entire County of Lee has a storage unit under the stairs, and no "fire hazard" claims are made? What gives a Government Agency the right to deny a religious entity to practice their religion? Why did the City of Cape Coral Police Department refuse to investigate the 8 criminal complaints, and 3 Officer complaints filed with the Chief of Police, Bart Connelly?

            The Haven of Divine Love is the ONLY facility within the ENTIRE CITY OF CAPE CORAL that provides low cost housing for low income senior citizens and persons with limited abilities. See Yet, the City of Cape Coral has done everything possible to deter such an operation. Why have you, and every media in the area, never investigated or questioned why the City of Cape Coral refuses to have a Homeless Shelter for its disadvantage residents? Why does the City of Cape Coral refuse to allow any Church or religious entity to have a Mission for homeless residents? Why does the City of Cape Coral refuse to allow the building of HUD housing for low income senior, disability, and veterans? Why is there no facilities or programs by the Salvation Army in the City of Cape Coral?

            You have been granted a license from the FCC for the "PUBLIC AIRWAVES" in this area. Yet, you are more representative of only the rich and influent, and ignore the poor and disadvantaged, who are also owners of said airwaves. To do so, is a serious violation of your license.

            Have you ever questioned why every member of the City of Cape Coral Council was elected by the Cape Coral employees union bloc? So, in fact, the City Council is run by the employees of the City of Cape Coral, who directly enforce the abuse of authority of the City's departments and personnel.

            For the foregoing reasons, we herein request that you cease and desist from any further erroneous broadcasts until you agree to report the truth and facts of our continuing dispute with the City of Cape Coral.

Respectfully submitted,

Wilfred A. Rodriquez,

Chaplin and Director of

The Nelsen residence Inc.

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