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Get on the Advanced copy list of "Yes Marni, There Is No Place Like Cape Coral" by

Howard Cantrell

You do not want to miss your chance at a copy! Howard takes you deep into the corruption going on in Cape Coral, Florida! From the Police Department, City Employees and right to the Mayors Office!

He exposes the truth behind how and why your freedoms are being taken away. He even exposes how you have already lost property rights in Cape Coral, Fl. and more. He names names (with photos, addresses and contact information) and holds nothing back!

Howard set out to do just a "story" and found the corruption so bad that it shocked him to the core and could not allow another day to go by without exposing the people involved!

This book is a must read for ANY American in ANY city because the corruption in Cape Coral, Fl. may be closer to home than you think!

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